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E-Mail: info(at)kinderbetreuungsonnenschein.de

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Our kindergarten and nursery „Sonnenschein“ was founded in 2007. We are the best alternative to the municipal kindergarten and other groups for play and education for young children from 4 months to school age.

Our kindergartens consist of small groups of no more than 9 children, so we offer an absolutely individual approach to each child. Our goal is to give your child as much attention, warmth and love as possible.
Because of the large number of children in municipal kindergartens it is impossible to give individual approach to each child .
We provide you and your child two options of daycare, half a day and the complete day option. We also offer you a group for unforeseen circumstances and a night group. Please call us if you are interested.
Our teachers speak several languages. The main spoken language in our groups is German.

Opening hours:

We work every day from 8:00 to 16:30 and Fridays from 8:00 to 16:00. (other times possible).

We offer you:

  • Family environment for your child education
  • Musical and physical development  of your child
  • Fresh and wholesome home food

Costs and municipal assistance:

Payment for our services is not higher than in municipal gardens. You pay the city in accordance with your income. You pay us only for the meals that your child gets at our kindergarten.
We work with a city that takes over the cost of your child’s stay in our kindergarten.

Following categories can get the assistance of the city to cover payment s for the kindergarten:

  • Parents registered in the city of Düsseldorf
  • Parents who work or are looking for work
  • Parents who study
  • Parents receiving social assistance

Further information can be obtained in the book of laws: §24 SGB VIII

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